Welcome to Dying Old and Alone (dot com) a one stop resource for those who realize that they cannot make a meaningful connection with even one other human being. This is a website for those preparing to meet their end in the most dignified and satisfactory way possible: many years from now in a room filled only with cats and empty tv dinner boxes, their body found only when the landlord notices rent hasn't been paid in a while (he won't notice the smell, your apartment always smells like that). If you would like to become a member please email your stats and a sad and desperate picture (no smiling please) to the vice president of desperation:


We've connected the Tales of Heart-rending Breakups and the Worm Worm Backflip, check them out. And, as always, new members abound. There are many people to suspend, I'll ge to that when I feel really bitter about relationships. Which will probably be in about 5 minutes.